Being Present

A common problem for geeks – staying present – as a short film written and directed by Eliot Rausch, presented by the Lincoln Motor Company as part of the “Hello, Again” series

Mobile shopping voxpops

Very early adopter at this stage but still nice to hear what people are up to straight from them.

Agency of the future?

Ashamed to say that I have only come across these guys recently – the price you pay for being engrossed …more


Been reading about games in educational psychology, introducing the controlled risks of a game makes a massive difference to how much attention, cognitive effort, emotion & all those other good things you get… and it can used for geek-goodness too.

Puma solar phone – does behaviour match brand?

Puma have added a solar power SAGEM phone to an already excellent suite of brand experiences, but does this brand behaviour fit with what they already have and what customers want them to be?