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These aren’t blobs of colour – they’re a manifesto for a better future

How does advertising work?

To judge or measure how well an advertisement is working, you need some sort of theory on how it should be working. Well, this is not that theory. Its the Fermat’s last theorem of advertising, but ignorance shall never stop me…

Peacock or Bower Bird?

continuing my educational trundle through @faris posts… some ‘feck it – lets change everything’ wisdom…

How do you communicate?

Why hasn’t anyone told media agencies, no one likes getting shouted at?

blah blah strategy blah

It can’t be good when you have to start by explaining the language you’re going to be using…

Marketing trends – Social, mobile & engagement

Consumers are changing their media consumption habits fast. Actually, ‘consumption’ itself is no longer a useful approximation. The GenY of marketeers needs to be playful & experiment with social, mobile & brand engagement marketing ideas.