Holy Reactive Tessellation!! More4 rebrand from ManvsMachine

Holy Reactive Tessellation!! More4 rebrand from ManvsMachine

Agency of the future?

Ashamed to say that I have only come across these guys recently – the price you pay for being engrossed …more


Been reading about games in educational psychology, introducing the controlled risks of a game makes a massive difference to how much attention, cognitive effort, emotion & all those other good things you get… and it can used for geek-goodness too.

Shout or Share? The social spectrum.

Brands are still thinking & behaving as if the internet is a broadcast medium, whereas people who adopt it for their own purposes almost never do.

Social & the gift economy

The gift economy was a buzz topic a while ago – but it should be taken back out and re-examined in light of social media advances

The Real Life Social Network

Presentation from Paul Adams, Senior User Experience Researcher at Google, putting ‘social’ into a real life context. Grounded, visionary, excellent.