The moral web

There’s a new breed of geek…

The social economy & countervailing power

Is social media a big thing, or a fundamental change?

Marketing trends – Social, mobile & engagement

Consumers are changing their media consumption habits fast. Actually, ‘consumption’ itself is no longer a useful approximation. The GenY of marketeers needs to be playful & experiment with social, mobile & brand engagement marketing ideas.

The tablet market?

There’s lots of good insight coming in on how people really are living with their iPad, and what’s in the pipeline from the competition. This is messier than I would like, but as ever time is tight…

Pele, Zidane, Maradona & Louis Vuitton

When you put your brand beside global legends like Pele, Zidane and Marradona, you run the risk of fading into the background – but in the hands of LV…

Why is it trainers inspire the best virals?

Can’t think of many better ways to idle by a few minutes between IMPORTANT THINGS but why is it always about trainers?