Social & the gift economy

The gift economy was a buzz topic a while ago – but it should be taken back out and re-examined in light of social media advances

The tablet market?

There’s lots of good insight coming in on how people really are living with their iPad, and what’s in the pipeline from the competition. This is messier than I would like, but as ever time is tight…

The powers that be

Wherever there are people, there are hierarchies.

Because Indie music is less disposable

“It is not that we don’t suffer from [that] and CD copying,” said Martin Mills (legendary British Indy music maestro). …more

Cancerous or healthy growth?

Is it just me, or does the endless grasping for more money look very like the mindless advancement of a malignant tumour?

Hero: Steve Jobs

Its difficult to think of a business leader who has managed to translate an audacious consumer vision into reality so …more