‘US Occupation is Failure’ declare critics

‘US Occupation is Failure’ declare critics

Reconstruction: learn lessons from Iraq Mr Osbourne

Tearing down the economy is easy, but where’s the reconstruction plan? We had none for Iraq, but we’ve still not learnt the lesson.

Amazing climate change infographic

Climate change has been surrounded by a dense fog of disputed claims and P2C2Es (process-too-complex-to-explain). This infographic from informationisbeautiful.net is beautifully clear.

Because Indie music is less disposable

“It is not that we don’t suffer from [that] and CD copying,” said Martin Mills (legendary British Indy music maestro). …more

Democrats loose to ‘the great malaise’

‘The great unalignment’ Marketeers have been noting a loss in trust and a loss of brand loyalty for many years …more

Infographic: Hungry America

from Steve at Weather Sealed Blog