Marketing destroys £7 for every £1 earnt

A great study from a very interesting outfit on why I am destroying value – but not as badly as …more

Cancerous or healthy growth?

Is it just me, or does the endless grasping for more money look very like the mindless advancement of a malignant tumour?

Internet & Economy Trends from Morgan Stanley

State of the Internet trends 2009 Mary Meeker Morgan Stanley View more presentations from vincent everts.

The glorious, delightful & beautiful Mr. King

Forget the fantastic Mr Fox, all ears should be trained on the nectar-flecked words of the expalicious Mr King. The …more

Craftsmanship: Anachronism or the future?

Taking pride in your work has become a luxury, something available to the incurably naive but definitely not the pragmatic, …more

Social Mobility

Its the million Euro question, what will ‘close the gap’, and do people really want to do that anyway? There’s nothing more worthy for cogitative application…