-2 small mackerels

-350 g water

-65 g Sherry vinegar

-50 g Red wine vinegar

1. Cut the mackerel of the bone and extract all the small bones from the fillet.

2. Sprinkle salt on the fillets and leave them to cure for half an hour.

3. Heat the vinegars and water to 40C and pour over the fillets.

4. Leave them to cool for one hour and pull them out of the brine.


Lemon Purée

-6 lemons

-550 g water

-700 g sugar

1. Cut the lemons in half and squeeze out the juice.

2. Boil them for 5 minutes in plenty of water in a pressure cooker. Remove the insides.

3. Cool them down and boil them for 10 minutes with water and sugar.

4. Blend the lemons with 110 g of cooking liquid, 245 g water, 15 g sugar and 25 g of lemon juice.

5. Pass through a fine cloth and cool down.


Cauliflower purée

-1 cauliflower

-130 g cream

-Lemon juice

-Olive oil


1. Cut the bouquet of the cauliflower and vacuum them. Boil the bag until the cauliflower is completely tender.

2. Blend the cauliflower with the liquid that is left in the bag, add the cream and season with salt.

3. Peel the fibrous parts of the remaining root and cut it in thin slices.

4. Marinate it with the lemon juice and olive oil just before serving.


To Serve

1. Add a splash of the cold cauliflower purée onto the plate and add a few spoonfuls of the lemon purée.

2. Slice the mackerel and put it on top of the lemon purée.

3. Add the raw cauliflower and serve.