‘The great unalignment’

Marketeers have been noting a loss in trust and a loss of brand loyalty for many years now. Seeing it affect politics so directly is a new crease in tapestry.

Some people have claimed that the media, or corporations actually rule us and not governments. I think this event shows that ‘we’ actually rule us and that we don’t really view consumer goods, politicians, media brands or anything else as being deserving of special treatment.

So while we’re all masters of the passive aggressive, retaliative rebuke. It would be nice to see us, the crowd, the demos, the great unwashed, exercising the power we so clearly have constructively.

The health bill is probably far from perfect, as no doubt are the democrats and Obama but in the land of the blind… from the liberal foreigners viewpoint – seeing a democrat heartland turn against Obama is disheartening and even a little cheap.