What’s much, much nicer than #epicfail? #epicwin of course…

“An outcome so extraordinarily positive that you had no idea it was even possible until you achieved it.” as defined by Jane McGonigal at Ted (the vid is embedded below).

There’s a lot to think about in there. This concept has got serious legs.

So this here is the revelatory moment Jane says we should all be aiming for (cognitive self-therapists, study and visualise) :

Phillip Toledano, Gamers

She identifies x4 things that gamers learn:

  • Urgent optimism
  • Social fabric (similar to Clay Shirky’s connective tissue)
  • Blissful productivity
  • Epic meaning
  • Which strikes me as a really good place for a brand/brand positioning to be.

    Here’s the zeebo low energy console she mentions.

    the world without oil game

    the superstruct game

    the Evoke game

    This leads onto a previous presentation by Will Wright (Simms, Spore), which talks about play in the Montessori context. This made me think about craft as a way to do anything (see Richard Sennet), which I think is one of the biggest trends brought about by a shift into interactive technologies.

    and no epic win conversation would be complete without…

    but maybe the very best gaming ideas, the ones that could really change your life, are those that get people together on the streets, in galleries, in their homes, crossing over from virtual to meatspace.

    Check this one out at tate trumps

    It’s a similar kind of thought that makes The Partners, National Gallery Grand Tour work so very special. Just discovering, rediscovering, being surprised while still expecting it, becomes a sort of game you play by your self as you walk through the streets.

    As a brief amble down amnesia lane, here are some of the games that shaped me (and hey, I might save the world yet, who knows?).

    The original (and still the best?) – Zork

    Granny’s Garden (BBC B – Dundonald primary school aged… 8?)

    Chucky Egg – very addictive (not this version, again on a BBC B at school)


    GT – a very, very large slice of Uni (on a second hand PS2, when the girls didn’t want to use the living room)