Ashamed to say that I have only come across these guys recently – the price you pay for being engrossed in your work I guess.

I’m very, very struck by the tone of what is said more so than the content (which is also very engaging).

This says to me that generosity and compassion are at the heart of the agency of the future.

Some of the work that I love best is very much in this mould.

ps. these all start playing at the same time & I’m too dumb to figure out how to stop that so just scroll down hitting pause/stop etc. if you don’t want a cacophony (sorry).

I think these amazing pieces of work reflect a similar spirit.


Wieden+Kennedy London

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Projector inc.

DDB at its finest

I would say that all of these have a generous, playful, optimistic spirit (I will admit that Guinness Surfer has more of the adrenaline/grandeur of nature in it – but its has more than just that so I think my point still stands). There’s something in that – as things seem to become more commercial, efficient and virtual around us, I think that there’s a strong human desire for balancing experiences – that desire responds very well to being offered/shown some of these qualities (generosity, playfulness & optimism).

Nike+ shows that there is a huge value to delivering on these qualities, in communications AND ALSO beyond, in any way – from games through to hard products & services. So maybe the agency of the future is going to look a little more like this…

doing it + having conversations about it (then doing it again, hence the name of this blog!).