This is the first book that I have really enjoyed for at least a year! Mr Weiwei occasionally veers into indulgent prattle but more than matches that with beautifully balanced insight on art, architecture and his ‘little patch of land’ (China).

The ease and deftness of touch with which he explores the metaphysical is incredibly rare. Perhaps the particular joy of reading his blog though is that these highly conceptual explorations feel grounded, with the same firm solidity of his stance – planted deep into the ground he (presumably) loves.

On a different note, I am pleased to report that after suffering a drought of interesting reading this weekend has thrown up a good few days worth of brilliance…

After patiently suffering through the exploits of Messrs Cameron, Clegg et al in the papers it is a relief to remember that there are a few people out there who know the value of things (and not just the price)

I started reading this some time ago, but the subject matter disturbed me too much to carry through with it – even with Mr Levi’s light treatment of the matter. For some reason this time was different.

Calcio by John Foot

You would be hard pushed to find someone more dismissive of the reptilian tribalism which seems to be inseparable from football than myself. As is so common, the object is infinitely more sublime than its perception by a tiresome audience (yes I do fall into abject misanthropy occasionally). In this case Mr Foot has managed to drive his exposition straight down the line joining facts and the bigger picture.