When you’ve been punched in the face, don’t go back for a cuddle. Taste the blood in your mouth, remember the lesson, make sure that next time – you are ready.

Whether planned or not, the ruthless, calculating and tribal tories have managed to take all the plaudits and the Lib Dems have soaked up all the punches.

Like Macavity, Cameron manages to never be there when sh&t hits the fan, mainly because most non-tory voters have such low expectations of them and are far more pissed off about a betrayal form people they had some respect for.

In the last year, we have been treated to the dismal spectacle of politicians completely mis-judging bankers. We have now been treated to the equally dismal spectacle of the Lib Dems completely mis-judging the Tories. This is a valuable lesson – learn it well.

Be seen to play the role that you were elected for Mr Clegg, bring balance to your ruthless, calculating & tribal partners. It is not enough to simply point at ‘the agreement’.

Importantly, don’t let the tories lull you into forgetting that they fight dirty.